Quote for a Day, January 13th

“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is like an ocean, if a few drops are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” –Gandhi

There is not much that has changed in humanity since we became such a thing. Still made of people manifesting the same hopes and fears that we have always had; loving, hating, yearning, despising the things we always will (if the Mayans are wrong). As a whole we are endowed with a basic goodness, empathy and sympathy. caring. What has changed is that there are many more of us, and mostly living in or around cities, rather than on the land, which crowds us even more. What has changed too, is the milue and character of what seems important in life. We have entered into a world so determined to be informed and informing that we seem even more crowded than we are. Our ability to communicate with many people over great distances and to know what goes on anywhere in the world at a moments notice makes life seem more severe at times than it ever was. Add to this the vast array of all the advances in any field of endeavor and the possibilities of the things possible, both good and bad and horrific, rise exponentially until it seems as though we are living in a world going slowly mad. But we have not really changed from what we have always been, species that from its very beginnings could think for itself which somehow put us on track to think that living was a fight for survival. We cannot be blamed for what we are, only what we do.>KB

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7 thoughts on “Quote for a Day, January 13th

  1. A fantastic quote! Love it :)

  2. And yet we possess the intellect, emotion and creative intelligence that we could, if we really put our entire selves to it, we could create such a wonderfully healthy and rich world. I know I am a romantic at heart. Put down that technology or at least use it (as many already do) to create deep and richly creative and rewarding connections. Keep posting beautiful and thought provoking poetry…

  3. Living in a crowded world with more information in any weekday paper than our ancestors had to take into account during a lifetime has had its effects, some good and some bad. One good result is the quality of some of our relationships that have a depth they might not have had in more rudimentary times – the human mind and spirit do evolve – and just look at the beauty we produce. There’s an example right hereon this page: a well-done meditation and worthy quote.

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