Hidden Violence


Hidden Violence

I am a man speaking to you sister, for you are
My sister every time you are called a name not yours,
Or arm twisted, eye blackened
And bruised in all the hidden places and ways
Some men find to take their tattoo of pain
And ink it onto your body desperately trying
To mark your soul with their love of self-deceit.

I am a man speaking to you sister, for you are
My sister every place you live in fear
As a car pulls in the driveway,
The door slams shut and you feel
It crushing the fingers of your sensitivity
In an imagination that cannot imagine not knowing
How freezing fright is even when alone, anticipating.

I am a man speaking to you sister, for you are
My sister everywhere the police come
For the last time to decorate the holiday
Everyone knew would come with bright yellow tape
Each officer knowing the furniture out-of-place
From the last time they were there
To reprimand and give a warning that only made it worse.

I am a man speaking to you sister, for you are
My sister the moment you finally find your worth,
Leave everything behind the moment his car
Has disappeared down the street, make the phone call,
Hustle the children into the cab with money hidden
And, entering a shelter, find the courage that says,
“Help me,” to someone who finally hears your voice.

I am a man speaking to you sister, for you are
My sister and you need to know a man is not all men
And all men are not one man though there are
Too many of them to count who need
To wear the clothes of violence and abuse
To make them seem what they are not,
Fathers, husbands, lovers, real men.

I am a man speaking for you sister, for you are
My sister by circumstance and choice
–For a man who does not think you his sister
Does not acknowledge his own humanity is at stake
When he will not feel your hurt and hold
Himself accountable to see those
Who would abuse you in a dynamic of contempt.

—K. A. Brace

Artwork by, Jaeyeol Han

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49 thoughts on “Hidden Violence

  1. Absolutely Beautiful!

  2. This made me cry, as not only was it well written but I can relate. I have to reblog this.

    • Thank you. I am glad something I made touched you in such a way. Please feel free to re-post it anytime. It is mine no longer in the ultimate scheme of things and is one of those pieces that, though the words may be what they are, the thought should be in everyone’s mind if only to define some part of our humanity that we are all responsible for. Best>KB

  3. Reblogged this on MsKristina85 and commented:
    So beautiful, and yet painful too. This goes out to all survivors of violence/abuse.

  4. Beautiful words and art.

  5. Reblogged this on Busy Mind Thinking and commented:
    I just got chills. Please read this.

  6. Thank you very much Belinda. I hope you are feeling well these days. I haven’t seen you much lately. Best>KB

    • My apologies KB. This month has been a struggle to be sure. I did catch up on much of your work today, but am uncertain of what I have missed. I love your writing as much as ever, and I see that your break gave you time for all these great pieces. I look forward to figuring out what I have missed. Belinda

      • No apologies necessary Belinda ever. Most of these poems are still yet from before the break, so some aren’t. I haven’t even hit the tip of the iceburg. From mid-March I composed over 250 pieces and since May 1st I ave completed 150–albeit there are a few dogs included in it but it is hard to let go sometimes. The break really gave me a rest and a real ability to allow myself to relly let go. I stopped worrying about writing poems and just concerned myself with making poetry. It has made quite a difference. Thanks again for the re-post if for no other reason than it has something to say that people should be very aware of,and not because I wrote it. Best>KB

      • Thank you for understanding KB. I value your work; one of my favorite sites. It is an important topic, but it was your approach that got me…as I am certain it will captivate others. Belinda

      • I took that approach because I thought it important for other men to know they have an obligation to be involved in such insanity, as well as letting women know it is not just a woman’s problem. >KB

  7. Wow Belinda! This is fantastic what an awesome share beautiful post from your friend. “As a car pulls in the driveway” this is too familiar a feeling. Amazing! Thanks for reblogging this!

  8. Such important.. where can I sign up on this manifesto.. we are many .. they are few…

  9. Reblogged this on Björn Rudbergs writings and commented:
    Yes there are many men that want to support their sisters.. many many…

  10. Thank you for writing this and sharing it, a wonderful poem felt deeply. So important it should be read by many.

  11. Very powerful and beautiful. I saw it rebloged on Bjorn Rudberg’s writings.

  12. thank you for writing this. i can’t express how much i love this…

  13. Oh my God. Everyone should read this. Thank you.

  14. Gripping and beautiful.

  15. There is such compassion in this poem, how one man is not all men. This is something I think everyone should read as well. To live in fear, is not living at all and I hope this poem reaches many so those in such situations can see there is support. Wonderful piece, Bjorn.

  16. I’m traumatised by recent events as described above. It involved two children. They’re better now and safe. It was hard work though to make people see and do.

  17. Wonderful words there. Thank you for feeling the pain of so many who suffer in silence.

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